Tweets for the week of November 15th, 2009

  • Ahhhh. The thesis draft is really done. Now on to fixing known errors, reading background papers, and making a talk. But first, a nap. #
  • Silly me. I thought *writing* the thesis would be the hard part. Never offer to give someone a 136 page hardcopy of anything. #
  • I can't remember the last day I didn't drink any coffee. #
  • Rode 30 miles in a warm November sun to turn in the paper copies of my thesis. BIkes make me happy. #
  • Mark Twain's "War Prayer": #
  • Getting plenty of sleep is soooo nice. Being woken up in the middle of a dream fight scene with Ed Norton & a fireplace poker, not so much. #
  • Having my new prescription spex makes me wish I had Rx sunglasses. #
  • Sometimes it is surprisingly difficult just to remember to breathe. #
  • Ahh, fixed my sign error. Nice consistent story, both techniques playing well together. Everyone lives happily ever after now, right? #
  • I see no way to differentiate the 9/11 prosecutions from show trials. #
  • Anybody have a favorite bioinformatics text, good for someone with more background on the info side than the bio? #
  • I just applied to the Personal Genome Project. They probably have enough young white males already though: #

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