¿wait what?

I got fed up with the US and left in 2018. Now nowhere feels like home. I’m hunkering down in Oaxaca de Juárez, México because coronavirus.


I’m a member of Catalyst Cooperative. We liberate public data related to the US energy system, and spend a lot of time teaching ourselves to write software and analyze data and do cloud stuff. We also spend a lot of time cursing FERC’s bad data and archaic file formats.


When there are words in my head that I want to get rid of, I try to write them down at Amateur Earthling. But that’s been very irregular lately. I feel like I’m only capable of having fragments of thoughts right now, not whole essays.

I grew up in a mostly Spanish speaking part of California. My parents both spoke Spanish. But nobody taught me Spanish because I was white. So now I’m learning it on my own. Alone. In a room. In the middle of a pandemic. The room also happens to be in Mexico, but it wasn’t supposed to be like this.