Tweets for the week of November 22nd, 2009

  • Adopted Uighur little sister conscientiously morning-stomping on my bedroom ceiling, not realizing I've actually been up since 3:30am. #
  • If you think something's supposed to hurt, you're less likely to notice if you're doing it wrong. cf.: graduate school #
  • Thesis beard is beginning to impinge on the lower portion of my peripheral vision. Must mean I'm almost done. #
  • Feeling inexplicably calm looking forward to Friday. Fixing those errors helped. I guess mostly I just feel like the die is already cast. #
  • Trying to get a whole PhD into one 45 minute talk is just as ridiculous as trying to get a whole paper into a 10 minute AGU talk. #
  • In 24 hours I'll either have a PhD, or be a raving unemployed homeless person. Or maybe both. #
  • Finished making my presentation a whole 3 hours early. I could even like, practice it. Or revise it. Or something. #
  • The only question now is, who wants to play Doctor? #
  • Checked out a new diving location, in the natural refrigerator that is Colorado November. Got 20lbs of fresh produce, mostly greens. #
  • Defended PhD wearing Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo Fist emblem. Gonna read his Fear and Loathing on the 1972 Campaign Trail now. #
  • I love libraries: Energy at the Crossroads, Intro to Bioinformatics Algorithms, Ghost Wars, Biological Networks, Sleeping w/ the Devil, etc. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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