Tweets for the week of November 8th, 2009

  • A good holy book is like a good horoscope: given the right cues and context, it can mean whatever you, or your dear leader, need it to mean. #
  • Anybody interested in going to the CO Environmental Film Festival, Fri or Sat night in Golden? Help me celebrate turning my thesis in! #
  • Road raging anti-cyclist Dr. Thompson of Mandeville Canyon guilty on all 7 counts, & held w/o bail pending sentencing: #
  • Yet again I find the problem I'm working on has already been considered, and deemed difficult, for >100yrs. Thanks, Richard Dedekind. #
  • I do have to wonder what greens will turn to next year if COP15 flops, as seems likely. Just how dark are we? #
  • I think @longnow should host a debate between @AlexSteffen and Derrick Jensen. Or maybe it should be a gladiatorial death match… #
  • Tired. Irish cream and milk. Steamy shower. No more graphs tonight please. #
  • I'm obviously not going to be doing any sleeping any time soon. #
  • This is not going to be a disaster. This is not going to be a disaster. This is not going to be a disaster. This is going to be a disaster. #
  • Four hours of sleep, but then I took a shower, so I can't be tired, right? #
  • Why am I such a loser sometimes. #
  • Regained perspective over dinner. At least I'm not going to be deported in January. Making a thesis triage list helped too. #
  • wooziness setting in. brain shutting down involuntarily. #
  • Even this is not in my written up yet! #
  • Gorgeous warm autumn day in Boulder. Too bad my thesis is not about looking out the library window at girls as they walk and bike past. #
  • Now if only it were a week ago, I'd only be half a day behind schedule. #
  • I feel like science is this beautiful thing, and I'm puking all over it. Thank goodness I usually feel better after puking. #
  • 50% of all US food is thrown away. Producing that waste requires 30% of all US water, or as much as all non-agricultural water use combined. #
  • If 1% of the food LA grocery stores send to landfills was rescued it would feed every hungry person in LA. Go see Dive! #
  • Am I being neurotic, or does my thesis really suck? Hard to decide. I guess that's what the defense is for. Here's hoping for neurotic. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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