Tweets for the week of September 7th, 2009

  • Terrifying time lapse of Station Fire: Mt. Wilson cam is all shadow, and flame: #
  • I suppose technically this is the land of milk and honey. And also beta-phenyl-isopropylamine. #
  • The air outside is so bad it makes my eyes sting, and every street light has a bright yellow cone of haze beneath it. #
  • People are asking the UK government to apologize for the persecution of Alan Turing which led to his suicide #
  • sleeping soon. #
  • Went grocery shopping, and on the way home down San Pasqual, saw more bikes than cars, including one with a skirt guard! #
  • Sign up to help do the first ever LA bicycle count, September 22nd and 23rd! #
  • How much of a paper you aren't first author on can go into your thesis? #
  • Drinking two liters of tea seems so much less ridiculous than drinking half a gallon. #
  • Cost (to me) of student healthcare at CU has doubled since I entered grad school from $500 to $1000 per semester. #
  • Godspeed You Black Emperor goes great with forest fires. #
  • If nothing else, it seems assured that the Apocalypse will be well documented. Yet another fire timelapse: #
  • My life always feels so boring an inhuman when I work like this. #
  • Publishing a scientific technique & releasing a buggy closed implementation effectively prohibits anyone from improving on your work. Lame! #
  • Only three weeks to my committee meeting?!? Feeling desperate. Also, I think I really need to brush my teeth. #
  • Seems absurd that the overwhelming majority of our roads, buildings, and other urban infrastructure is used only half of the time, or less. #
  • Pulled in and re-organized all my existing thesis content, except for the geological superposition networks stuff. 101 pages so far. #
  • Annoyed that I can't go to Caltrans BAC mtg to evangelize b/c of my PhD committee mtg. Same day & time, different state. #
  • AGU abstract functionally done. Going to reward myself by upgrading my OS. At least, I hope it ends up being a reward. #
  • Installing a bunch of crap from source makes me feel kind of nostalgic. Nostalgic for what I'm not sure. Maybe for a time before computers. #
  • python 2.6 + ipython + readline + snow leopard == 🙁 #
  • nobody should die because they can't afford the longevity treatments, and nobody should go broke because they got old #
  • Sometimes it's just best to lie to the computer outright. #
  • It's amazing what a decent table of contents will do for the soul. #
  • And that's all the phase there is to shift. #
  • Are babies had or made? Do we give or lose our virginity? I vote for making and giving. #
  • Being nocturnal feels like living in some kind of weird, silent, de-populated world. #
  • It's phenomenal that our oldest genes are about as durable as the oldest whole rocks on Earth, but have passed through billions of bodies. #
  • tonight, I will finish the introduction and background section. #
  • I gave myself a haircut, making my beard by far the longest hair on my head. Now I look like some kind of villain from Imperial Russia. #
  • Need spicy noodles, and a "nap". Got bogged down in crater counting and it's weaknesses in the outer solar system… #
  • We can all vote tomorrow to suspend gravity, but we'll still be gravity's bitch. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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