Tweets for the week of August 30th, 2009

  • The blindering continues: unfollowing all non-personal Twitter contacts until 2010, after my PhD is done. #
  • I know, this shouldn't seem strange, but I'm actually looking forward to going to AGU. #
  • Petitioning CU for my fall registration (email has been in my inbox since… May 4th) and writing my AGU abstract. #
  • I'm not completely trustworthy. The weird thing is, I feel compelled to tell people that up front. Sometimes. #
  • I wish it was really possible for headphones to do bass well. #
  • 1 liter smoothie + 1 liter tea = too much liquid for breakfast. Solution? Make smoothie w/ iced tea instead of juice! Fruity stimulation. #
  • Somehow having 1000+ unread RSS feed items makes it so much easier to just ignore them all. #
  • both disgusted by and enamored with homemade baconfat tostada shells. #
  • we will change the world, whether we want to or not. #
  • Did I just find that bug, or create it? Bedtime. #
  • Looking forward to our crazy landlady's first visit in years tomorrow! Not. #
  • wrote a script to chain together all my accumulated analysis so far… letting it slog through the morning. Now sleep, and await the heat. #
  • You have done well my silicon minions. You do not know fear! You do not know pain! You will taste manflesh! #
  • Landlady was contacted by insurance co. (not City). Has less idea what's going on than we do. This one, maybe I fix. #
  • Michelle has actually aged since we met. It's comforting and disturbing at the same time. #
  • Wrote a thesis todo list. I'm sure it's incomplete, but I'm going to have a pint of cider anyway. #
  • vote for bike trails and directions in Google Maps! #
  • It almost looks like Brown Mountain has turned into a volcano. #
  • It almost looks like Brown Mountain has turned into a volcano: #
  • good overview of bicycle health and safety statistics (helmets, accidents, obesity, etc): #
  • I hope it's possible for poor employees to be good business owners. #
  • I made fresh pesto from the garden. Eating some with polenta that I cooked in my big insulated french press. #
  • Economists talk about the price of anarchy. I think what Popper is talking about is the price of order. Efficiency instead of resilience. #
  • Thyrsus is definitely my new favorite word: #
  • I may just have to ship my laptop out to Colorado separately, to avoid the possibility of any digital body cavity searches by the TSA. #
  • maxing out both cores, all 4GB of memory in use, and I have the gall to be annoyed that my music is skipping. #
  • I can't believe I've been sitting here for 13 hours. #
  • Feeling strangely fascinated by the prospect of friending all my cousins in Fresno on FB. #
  • going to go eat dinner on the roof and watch Mount Wilson burn. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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