Tweets for the week of September 13th, 2009

  • I guess waking up at 4am is closer to being on a "normal" schedule… #
  • Mmm. French toast made with English muffins. Is that culturally insensitive, or does the maple syrup from Quebec make it okay? #
  • getting occasional random ~10 second hangs in just about all apps under #snowleopard Annoying! #
  • I find the fact that we still nominally celebrate Labor Day in this country somehow darkly comic, or ironic, or something. #
  • Holland has about the same population and land area as LA+Ventura+San Diego+Orange County. If only we had their bikes and healthcare. #
  • WTF? I'm at Caltech and I can't read old Icarus articles online. I hate the scientific publishing industry with an unhealthy passion. #
  • Amazing how tiring getting up at 4am is… #
  • The last day of a long weekend is apparently not the best time to get dumpster bread. Too much accumulated garbage obscuring the quarry. #
  • Don't you think you're playing God? Oh, I'm not playing. -Craig Venter Synthetic Biology Masters Class w/ George Church #
  • I think I'm losing weight as my thesis gains it. That's probably not terribly healthy. #
  • I hate getting gigantic e-mails that have been hopelessly garbled by an ancient version of some GUI e-mail client. #
  • Reading a review of the work in my field, it sometimes feels unclear whether it's even worth the effort to tell them they're wrong. #
  • It's 2:30am, does anybody know where my Michelle is? #
  • Well I can only hope that the mystery sleepover isn't happening in a medical facility. #
  • gall dernit, I still ain't registrated! #
  • Well that was exhausting. Even if I hadn't been up since 2:30am. #
  • Can't find a good full-screen slideshow for new @HubbleTelescope pix. They should set up a @flickr acct. or mediarss feed. #
  • I'm on the verge of being genuinely creeped out by the preternatural relevance of the webcomics I follow. Telepathy will only make it worse #
  • Ah, mobile phones and cars. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured, and I got to see an urban geyser. #
  • I wonder if Apple lets artists pay to get played more frequently in the iTunes Genius mixes and playlists? #
  • Back of the envelope: ~50 m^3 of water was wasted by that broken hydrant = ~8 lbs beef = 1 BBQ <= last night's dumpster diving haul. #
  • Outlined data structures for geographic superposition networks, now on to pseudocode algorithm for DAG enforcement, & stratigraphic sorting. #
  • Wikipedia has improved dramatically since I last worked on graph theory. #
  • Seems absurd that it took all day to write 15 lines of code, but using osgeo and networkx I can now take a map and turn it into a graph. #
  • It's a sad morning inbox that contains nothing but a bunch of notifications of backups, successfully completed. At least my data loves me. #
  • Why on Earth do all of the geographic processing libraries act like the world is flat? I am so tired of hacking in Euclidean space! #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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