Tweets for the week of 2009-08-17

  • Do you think bicyclists should be represented on CA Traffic Control Devices Committee? Tell #
  • T-60 days and counting. (The T is for Thesis) #
  • New Belgium's Tour de Fat almost makes me wish I had a car, just so I could trade it in for a bike, faith-healer style: #
  • nodding off. must. brush. teeth…. #
  • It's funny to realize that despite having been to someone's house dozens of times, over years, you have no idea what their address is. #
  • Just reported four people for running their lawn sprinklers in the heat of the day. Does that make me a prick? #
  • Got my Hunter S. Thompson Freak Power! shirt. I can't believe he was almost the Sheriff of Aspen. #
  • I would surrender, if only it would make the endlessly circling police helicopters go away. But they don't want me. (yet) #
  • There are only so many lucid hours in the day. They begin now. #
  • Who would have thought Caltrans could be so personable and responsive? #
  • Have had to restore information from backups twice today. Thank goodness for SVN and Time Machine. #
  • Surprisingly satisfying to start putting words and figures into a file called Thesis.ltx #
  • Went to bed at midnight, still didn't wake up until 10:30am. What's wrong with me? #
  • Stay out of Malibu, Lebowski! Point Dume State Beach may be slated for closure, under pressure from the rich & famous. #
  • Vastly more people have played The Oregon Trail than ever emigrated via the Oregon Trail. What a fascinating modern age it is we live in. #
  • Thank you California for legalizing sensible graywater systems. Now that wasn't so painful really, was it? #
  • I feel silly (and good) for missing @michelleselvans after only 4 days. #
  • Time to hitch up the trailer and go foraging. #
  • Tonight it was berry season: blue, black and rasp. Pounds of them. Plus eggs (of course), grapes, chicken salad, apples and a bit o cheese #
  • might be as much a non-theist Quaker as a freegan. Definitions-wise anyway. Community participation obviously makes a difference though. #
  • Honestly, the way grad students act and feel about never having been doing enough work is downright Catholic. #
  • I am a digital pack rat, but I think my grandkids and the family AI will probably appreciate it: #

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A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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