Tweets for the week of August 24th, 2009

  • Early to bed, early to rise actually feels kinda nice. But also totally abnormal. #
  • Got my 30 inch display back from Apple service. Somehow they got a white thread sandwiched into the LCD. *sigh* #
  • Your latest song is leaked as a torrent, what do you do? If you're Radiohead, you capitalize on the free publicity: #
  • Okay I give in, I'll do the golden section search thing. #
  • Interdisciplinary work in the natural sciences gets more citations. Curiously, this is not true in the social sciences: #
  • Trying to think only in vectors. And failing. #
  • Advocates of Neptune/Triton exploration are enlisting the youngest scientists, because of multi-decade planning and travel times. #longnow #
  • Must. Contact. Thesis. Committee. Now. #
  • I'm feeling computationally limited. #
  • Both vindicatied and annoyed that what I was doing before works just as well, and is like a bazillion times faster. #
  • Okay, today I'm totally going to contact my committee. For reals this time. #
  • Leaked memo from oil industry detailing their astroturf campaign against CO2 emission reductions, via Greenpeace: #
  • I miss the worms, but they're in a better place now (SF). #
  • Wow, Pasadena water shortage violations carry up to a $1000 fine (for repeat offenders): #
  • Got editorial feedback from Aaron. He says of the paper "It's done, just kill it already!". Confidence for committee calling acquired. #
  • I hope AGU will let me submit an abstract for the fall meeting even though I paid my 2009 dues a day after the August 20th deadline… #
  • Okay okay. I. Did. It. Now hopefully there won't be any drama or fireworks. #
  • Need to organize a weekly foraging trip, with a variety of possible destinations so we don't end up burning any one of them out. #
  • I find myself with only half-caf coffee in the house. I suppose I'll just have to use twice as much. #
  • It's nice to spend an evening in thoughtful disagreement with someone. Probably better than mindless affirmation. #
  • The poorest humans spend 10 times as much on alcohol and prostitutes as on educating their children. Ah, men. #
  • Bank that owns next door house called in our yard to CIty, who sent notice to wrong address, then we failed the 2nd inspection. Now what? #
  • Looks like I'll probably be defending Nov. 20th. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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