Tweets for the week of 2009-08-09

  • A graphical plea for pedestrians, bicycles, and mass transit… but no cars in our cities: #
  • Apparently there will be no further public Pasadena Bicycle Master Plan meetings: (unless we make a stink about it!) #
  • Not a big fan of muckraking journalism, but occasionally it works. #
  • OH in Caltech Seismolab stairs: "Richter and Gutenberg came up with the Richter scale. It's a mathematical formula."; "Huh, that figures." #
  • 16 years after donating blood while I unknowingly had mononucleosis, the Red Cross still doesn't want me. That's ~50 liters of lost blood. #
  • Some part of me will be sad if the era of human spaceflight ends in my lifetime, and I never went to see a launch. #
  • Had a gourmet dumpster brunch: french toast w/ bread from EuroPane, eggs from TJs, jelly made from backyard kumquats. #
  • When I start to work, suddenly I always have to go pee. Then I have to put on my headphones. It just isn't work without the headphones. #
  • Today's iPhones are 20,000 times more powerful than the computer used to do the fluid dynamics calculations for the first hydrogen bomb. #
  • South Mudd is such a great place to watch sunsets. #
  • RT @bikeportland Detroit radio show hosts encourage listeners to throw things at people on bikes as they drive by. #
  • Apprehensive about (terrified of?) giving my PhD committee some kind of update, but it has to be done. #
  • Mmm, chickenfat. #
  • Sometimes when I look at things I did or wrote very late at night, it's almost like looking at some other person's work. Some stupid person. #
  • #whentwitterwasdown I mixed up a go-to-sleep-before-dawn potion of sake and strawberry lemonade. Heading to JPL early tomorrow morning. #
  • New Matplotlib release v0.99.0 now with 3D plotting! Seems to be asymptotically approaching v1.0. #
  • The ride up to JPL and back is so nice. If only working there wasn't so governmentally obnoxious. #
  • Heading down to Little Tokyo for some free Taiko… to be followed by a midnight bike ride back to Pasadena. #
  • Taiko was awesome. Scoped some dumpsters on the way home. Cool summer evenings are the best for riding LA to Pasadena. #
  • Am I really a freegan? Would I really want to be? One word labels are so confining. #
  • Got distracted on the way to the hummus by the fresh pesto, bread, tomatoes, basil, and balsamic. Oh well. #
  • Uh oh. Getting light outside. It must be bedtime. #
  • Selling my old laptop. $100 discount and a free laptop case if I know you and you can pick it up: #
  • Starting to work in the afternoon on a Sunday reminds me of being an undergrad. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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