Tweets for the week of 2009-08-03

  • It is by will alone I put my mind in motion. #
  • It seems as if one could be arbitrarily well fed dumpster diving: #
  • A golden age of propaganda is upon us I say: #
  • Glad to once again have a positive net worth. Bummed the global economy is still organized like a massive Ponzi scheme. #
  • Just downloaded thesis.cls from CU Graduate School… #
  • Bleah. Heuristics are so easy to get wrong. Or at least, not quite right. #
  • my new Turing clone is almost finished. #
  • Annoying that Apple's Time Machine doesn't let you swap out your backup disk or laptop easily. #
  • Going to sleep. I have a date in the morning. #
  • I name all my backup disks after burial structures. My new one will be Dakhma: a Zoroastrian Tower of Silence. #
  • Voicemail instructions are a billion dollar scam (who doesn't know what to do with the beep?) #
  • watching a decade of my life quite literally flash before my eyes. #
  • Can I fall asleep before the sun wakes up? #
  • OCR: for Europa tidal stresses are insensitive both to the theological structure beneath the ice layer and to the thickness of the icy shell #
  • Not doing anything worth taking a picture of. #
  • Just saw Food Inc. I figure, if we're going to eat trash, it might as well actually come out of a dumpster. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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