This week in tweets

  • Yann Arthus-Bertrand's HOME is gorgeous, but all such films need a more concrete vision of their preferred future: #
  • O Brave New World, Where Are You? #
  • EarthDesk is *almost* awesome. Needs (much) higher resolution images: #
  • momentarily confused by cross dressing co-worker at the urinals. I love Caltech. #
  • Last year's Terry Lecture at Yale looks interesting: The Scientific Buddha #
  • Headache. Must dissolve myself into the quiet darkness. Ugh. #
  • still unclear whether two mugs of black tea is enough to stave off a no-coffee headache… #
  • In Pasadena, about 20 people are killed each year in car "accidents". Seems strange it doesn't make more news. #
  • I'm not shaving until I'm done with grad school. #
  • LA Metro finally getting on board with Google Transit: #
  • Anyone else out there search for both "naked gardening" and "k-dimensional search tree" today? I didn't think so. #
  • kd-tree seems to be functional. Now if only I could have done this in my sleep. #
  • Congrats to all the new Caltech PhDs! I wIsh commencement weren't so early. Good luck getting tenure… #
  • I love the June gloom. Hope the tomatoes and cucumbers don't freak out and wilt when the sun finally appears. #
  • Okay, maybe 1L of black tea is sufficient to get me through the day. #
  • watch out for TV riots this evening, when the masses realize their analog idiot boxes have stopped working. #
  • Well dang it, this doesn't make it any faster either. Maybe I should have known that? #
  • still sooo sleeeepy… #
  • biking from Pasadena to Griffith Park, on what appears to be a gorgeous summer day, but one that came from Seattle or Portland, not LA. #
  • Rode 35 miles across northeast LA, through Griffith Park and back. Friends, picnic, bocci, and a temple to the sky. Near to heaven #

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A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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