This week in tweets

  • Is it actually possible to get an overnight wilderness permit to backpack into the Cottonwood Basin in the White Mountains? #
  • A surreality TV idea: Bright Green. Like Wa$ted, except ppl go fully sustainable, eventually requiring transformation of entire city/state! #
  • not sure which is worse: the thought that the Iranian elections were rigged, or the though that they weren't. It all seems so… Y2K. #
  • And now a recount! I think Iran is making fun of us. Why *didn't* Florida look like this in 2000: #
  • I'm drinkin' tea out of a big ol' jar. Ah, Hugh. #
  • This guerilla art project was probably worth getting arrested for: #
  • This is the kind of housing I want to build in Boulder: #
  • Frustrated by code. Again. Sometimes I wonder why I even try. #
  • has an audience with Peter Goldreich. Gulp. #
  • Okay, brute force it is then. Where's my hacksaw? #
  • yeehaw, my data is demonstrably not just noise. Signal this strong randomly has chances of something like 1 in 50,000. Whew! #
  • going to pretend I'm backpacking in some post-apocalyptic Caucasian republic… olives, sheep's cheese, dried fruit, lavash bread. #
  • Okay computer, it's up to you to do the science while I'm gone. And don't run out of memory again. Or download any kiddie porn. Mmmkay? #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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