This week in tweets

  • I was born January 41st of the Martian year 12 #
  • Apparently I’m growing a beard, just in time for summer. #
  • Share a short account of your favorite bicycle road trip with AASHTO here: #
  • my office is so lonely. #
  • help, help! The GOogle is down! #
  • going to be on the local CBS news tonight with #
  • Can anybody out there record the 11pm news tonight and send/upload video of the segment? I have no TV! #
  • 2 minute CBS segment on available here: #
  • Obama & Congress seek to permanently suppress release of images of detainee abuse under FOIA. See: & #
  • saturating a 100Mb/s network connection for like the first time evar. #
  • Watched another good @longnow talk, on their 1000 year old system of sustainably farming rice. How can the west avoid overconfidence? #
  • Er, that would be the Balinese who did the rice farming, not @longnow #
  • found a hummingbird nest in our courtyard, made of spiderwebs, hair, lint and fluff, built on a string of xmas lights. #
  • thinking about golden section min/max finding while bicycling up and down a hill. #
  • watching a movie about Earthships: #
  • This paper seems done, and yet, somehow, unsatisfactory. #
  • Screw the golden section. Brute forcing it will be faster than re-writing to optimize. #
  • homeward with groceries and to crack the whip at the lappy. Compute! #
  • hey world, go screw yourself. #
  • especially you, cops. #
  • We don’t want to believe what we know. #
  • Hmm. Somone in Washington DC looked at my resume. That can’t be good. #
  • meat or pets? #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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