This week in tweets

  • Today I’m going to write in English, not Python. #
  • My review of Fred Pearce’s modern, globalized Cadillac Desert:,”When the rivers run dry” #
  • Does writing about what code does count as English? It sure doesn’t read like it… time to go home and eat. #
  • trying to get rid of a headache… hydrate, vitamin-I, soothing ambient music… #
  • To anyone who’s edited the Wikipedia: please vote for Creative Commons BY-SA licensing! #
  • what’s the best way to generate an evenly spaced set of points covering the surface of a sphere? #
  • Why can’t I fall asleep? #
  • Sixteen tons and what do you get? #
  • replenishing my solvent of choice. #
  • coffee, snack, bicycle, and NSR fit curves. #
  • Owner of Glendale Galleria declares bankruptcy. So sad. What ever will Americans do without our iconic malls. #
  • mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the best Europan paleopole of them all… #
  • Hmm. I guess that kind of looks like a result. #
  • here we go again. #
  • I like talking to Aaron about SCIENCE. #
  • Arrr, the pirates be goin’ to jail. Who wants to bet P2P filesharing continues anyway? #
  • is so glad that CU is doing free PR for 4:20 via the campus e-mail list. If anyone didn’t know about it before, they sure do now! #
  • sore from turning the compost again. What a glorious heap. #
  • First night of using fan to cool down the house after sunset, and it’s going to be 10F hotter tomorrow. Ugh. #
  • Well, my cell phone is finally clean. If only it were also waterproof. #
  • Compost went from 76F to 130F overnight! #
  • I’m so glad I wasn’t born in Afghanistan. #
  • Incredibly, in less than 24 hours the compost has gone from 76F to 150F. Hopefully it won’t set anything on fire overnight… #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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