This week in tweets

  • I feel so fat. #
  • Should have new phone by end of week. Hopefully at least the SIM card survived its trip through the washing machine. #
  • Not sure I really buy the remote sensing mineral spectra thing. #
  • Ha! The CU NORML forum made it into the NYTimes: All those official publicity e-mails must have worked. #
  • In solidarity with Farrand Field. #
  • Vanguard manages about a trillion dollars. Annual compensation for each trustee: $152,500. #
  • No cavities (yay!), but man, that cleaning was carnage. Blood everywhere. #
  • Best fit great circles work! Now I need food. #
  • My god setting up a phone is annoying #
  • running a calculation out of spite? No no no, just in order to be able to say convincingly that it’s wrong. #
  • Grad school is making me feel nauseous. #
  • going to MontaƱa de Oro state park for the weekend. Back Monday. #
  • Okay, now we’re *really* leaving for MdO… #
  • The highway system only just barely seems to be working. Why are people so into them? #
  • Michelle forgot her sleeping pad. Bummer. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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