This week in tweets

  • Sometimes fast and broken is better than slow and functional. Right? #
  • I really do not want to deal with my inbox right now. #
  • SatStress has been vectorized. What used to take overnight now takes 30 seconds. #
  • back to the eigencrap. #
  • looking more and more like Jean-Luc Picard every day. #
  • Having code that needs to run for a few hours does provide a good excuse for going home and eating. #
  • Actually going to make it to the ESE & Society talk this week. 9am is just too early most of the time. #
  • Pasadena Water and Power chose new natural gas fired plant over (transmission+renewables), so it can sell power to other cities at a profit. #
  • Our server, and much of bay area, cut off by 2 pieces of network sabotage in San Jose. Disgruntled union workers? #
  • Or maybe just a a convenient distraction while a packet sniffing black box is installed on the temporarily dark fiber. #
  • Whew, interwebs again connected in our neck o the woods. #
  • is going home to look at the garden before it gets completely dark. #
  • candied kumquats. #
  • leftover kumquat syrup turned into kumquat jelly overnight… time for toast. #
  • why bother making a cartoon figure when creating a real model is the same amount of work? #
  • FoxNews: speaking crazy to power. #
  • checked my source code in for the weekend. #
  • I wish we could just hang out with the Theologians more often. #
  • 2 Brandywines, 1 Momotaro, and a Sweet 100., all before breakfast. Next: Jamaican hot cross buns for Ishtar. #
  • Underslept. Just want a naptime… #
  • Now it’s really nap time. Not sure if marmalade is going to gel. Feel free to return for full refund if not. #
  • The day is so beautiful, and I feel so lazy. Feel like I should be outside, but it’s all cars, concrete and asphalt. #
  • I think the days of flood irrigated agriculture are numbered. #
  • going to watch some more BBC science documentaries… #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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