This week in tweets

  • Compost reactor core temperature has peaked. Now 325 K and falling. #
  • Wish I knew the young up-and-coming Richard Burke, Bill Moyers, Will Durant, Carl Sagan, and Joseph Campbell. #
  • hopefully I won’t have a headache in the morning, after 5 glasses of homebrew. I blame Susan. #
  • Compost reactor core temperature 325 K and holding. #
  • borderline catatonic. But at least I’m not at Disneyland. #
  • music of the spheres my ass. I hate spheres. #
  • The average distance to the nearest person having sex in Pasadena is roughly 200 meters: #
  • vectorizing myself to bed. #
  • Compost reactor core temperature 324 K and holding #
  • We’re as good at being capitalist as the USSR was at being communist. Who said we couldn’t both lose the Cold War? #
  • why does it feel so good to delete everything from my inbox? #
  • kebabs for dinner, and then some live music. #
  • Caltech campus, you’re so pretty. In a stage makeup and plastic surgery kind of way. #
  • Compost reactor core temperature 322 K and falling. Going to move the therm-o-meter to a new hotspot. It’s entertainment, not science. #
  • How is it exactly that the truth ends up setting you free again? #
  • Ordered some purslane seeds on Pliny the Elder’s recommendation (despite its supposed antaphrodisiac properties) #
  • I must have learned something. Code is half as long, 10,000 times as fast. Who doesn’t love vectors? #
  • wondering who turned down the volume on the internet. #
  • Just watched a black guy doing taiko drumming for a bharatanatyam dance performance in California. Small world we have here. #
  • has a short week to recuperate from guests. #
  • bummed that Mike the tomato guy didn’t make it to the farmer’s market today for some reason. WTF? #
  • still dealing with the Newtonian hangover. #
  • planted cucumbers and Chinese long beans today. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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