This week in tweets

  • Compost reactor core temperature holding steady at 294 K. #
  • I wanna make some kumquat marmalade. #
  • Tyler Durden where are you? Your country needs you now! #
  • Hmm, is it just me, or is hosed? #
  • is re-re-writing, paper and code, hammer and tongs. #
  • Compost reactor core T=302 K and rising. #
  • holy crap, it sounds like the EPA grew a pair… #
  • falling asleep, despite the coffee. #
  • Compost reactor core temperature: 309 K and rising! #
  • Compost reactor core temperature 313 K and rising… #
  • If only there were also a clause that said “nor shall public property be taken for private use, without just compensation.” #
  • Compost reactor core temperature 315 K and rising. #
  • Best fitting great circles requires that I get a better handle on this eigen-crap. #
  • $stuff != $information #
  • Compost reactor core temperature 318 K and rising. #
  • estoy tomar 15 kg de naranjas agrias para hacer un olla grande de esto: #
  • boiling marmalade. No happy endings forseen to the economy. #
  • Hopefully the marmalade wil gel by morning… but for now I gotta go to sleep! #
  • Compost reactor core temperature 321 K and rising. #
  • 10 liters of un-jelled marmalade. Will code for pectin. #
  • The first rule of Fight Club is: maltodextrin works just as well as pectin. #
  • Compost reactor core temp 326 K and rising. #
  • Disarmed the Jehovah’s Witnesses, by vigorously agreeing with them. Yes, I’m going to hell. Yes, I’m okay with that. Now please leave. #
  • Planting tomatoes, making bread, sharing beer with the Stempels. #
  • Setting up to watch a movie about Gypsies #
  • going to dream about how the Chinese cyberspooks are watching me through my computer. In my sleep. Hopefully they don’t speak English. #
  • getting up too early. Going to Getty Villa to see our namesake diety (and other things), then a beach picnic! #
  • Well, we’ve successfully taken the neighborhood down a notch. Now our neighbors are parking on their lawn too. #
  • Compost reactor core temp 328 K and rising. #
  • glad Getty spent some of his ill gotten oil riches on a cool Roman villa in SoCal. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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