Have you changed your mind?

This animation was inspired by an anti-drug poster, which showed two brain scans and the text “Have you changed your mind?”. Since the target audience was obviously not neuroscientists or brain surgeons, the only way to interpret it was based on the context, in which the connotation was presumably that one of the scans is a “damaged” drug-user’s brain, and the other is a healthy D.A.R.E. graduate.

Ironically, in a different context, the image becomes pro-drug. The word “psychedelic” is from the Greek roots psyche (mind) and delos (to manifest or become). Psychedelic means “mind-making”, or even, quite literally, “mind changing”. To those who have had positive, responsible, drug experiences, the poster might as well be channeling Jimi Hendrix: Are you experienced?

Made with the GIMP, and licensed to the public like all my content here, under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

Have you changed your mind?

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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i don't think i'm commenting in the right spot. nor do i think i care….

topic: The World Without Us. one of 1000 books i started but didn't finish over the past year. terrible habit i gotta kick. i enjoyed the author's approach. his look at manhattan sans humanity is great. i read it on a subway… in manhattan. something like 40 subterranean streams run beneath and amidst the NYC subway system…. if humanity vanished today, within 50 years, maybe less (?), one of the major north-south boulevards in NYC would collapse into a river that runs beneath. and the subway systems would flood within decades. within years bridges would crack and possibly collapse with the repeated expansion-contraction caused by the 100 or so times per year the temp passes freezing (up or down). fun stuff.

i need to find that book…. definitely looking forward to a post on amateur earthling about it.

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