This week in tweets

  • Just remember kids: “All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landing there.” (unless you have a seismometer…) #
  • lots of notes from the pasadena bike master plan workshop: #
  • long story short: Kyoto Protocol was an abject failure. #
  • is writing Ryan Snyder with my frequent destinations, and preferred and avoided routes for biking in Pasadena. #
  • a plague of bloggers upon thee, City of Pasadena Transportation Department! #
  • I found my W-2! It was accidentally mailed to some Crawford guy at Caltech. #
  • US markets back to where they were in 2002, & 1997. Ah, the nostalgia! At least we’ll always have dividends & capital gains distributions. #
  • I am totally that sketchy communist Facebook Friend FOX is warning you about: #
  • I like that the web as a whole has a version number. We should vote on when to increment it. Web 2.0.1 anybody? #
  • Caught up on sleep and still tired. #
  • continuing to indulge my noodle kick #
  • Incredibly, the Netherlands spends only $6 per capita annually on bicycle infrastructure. Even more incredibly, California spends $0.18. #
  • Whoops I’m wrong! Make that $18/person/year in Amsterdam! #
  • Made some great, dark bread. Still can’t predict how it will turn out reliably. #
  • not getting tired fast enough #
  • watching new photos upload at a *blazing* 17KB/sec. OMG America, when will we get fiber to the curb? I thought we were a “developed” nation? #
  • practicing tax evasion through voluntary poverty. #
  • listening to Chiral’s album, the Ill Tempered Cyclotron #
  • $2.50/person/month for all the sex you want with no babies is really a fantastic deal. #
  • Nothing like three hours of Apocalypse Now before bedtime. #
  • Annual per capita Caltrans budget: 100x what Amsterdam spends on bike infrastructure, which is 100x Caltrans per capita bike spending. #
  • Muggy hiking in Eaton Canyon. I guess it’s spring! #
  • All out of garbage bags. Time to go to Hawaii Supermarket! #
  • Altadena Food Fair, at New York and Allen, has very good olives for a scant 1/3 to 1/2 the price of Whole Foods. #
  • has billions of hard working slaves kneading my bread, synthesizing intoxicating substances, and souring my kraut. #
  • never, ever, feed a zombie bank. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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