This week in tweets

  • incredibly, flying to SF from LA emits the same CO2 as driving to SLO from LA. #
  • Tired of crappy metadata. Unsure about having kids. I think these are unrelated issues. #
  • esta usando Facebook en Espanol tambien. #
  • regresando a mi jardin para beber un poco y conversar con la chica rosa #
  • pinche afidos #
  • Michael Pollan gave an incredible talk at the Long Now. If only he could stop with the “um” and “uh”. #
  • would have voted NO on everything, if the hadn’t moved my polling place. #
  • los patios de Andalucia que estan llenos con habitabilidad. Las ciudades del pasado estan las ciudades del futuro. #
  • o talvez, estan una parte del futuro. #
  • went to Pasadena bike master plan mtg. It could have been worse. I felt like my input was received, but may get disregarded. #
  • Well, at least Pasadena isn’t being invaded by the mongol hordes. #
  • Yesterday was a civics triple threat: voting, public hearing, *and* a jury duty notice! #
  • My take on the goals and objectives of the Pasadena Bicycle Master Plan that were proposed at yesterday’s public workshop: #
  • Even with Firebug, I still kind of hate CSS. #
  • going to the dollar store to get dish soap and TP. I hate the dollar store, but there it is. #
  • Happy that people are using the SatStress library! Sad that they don’t seem to know what a library is. #
  • Woo hoo! All votes are in and Wikipedia (actually, all Wikimedia projects) will change licensing to CC-BY-SA 3.0: #
  • done writing about the eigencrap, heading to Altadena Food Fair Market for Levantine foodstuffs. #
  • ready to enjoy a little of the SoCal weather. #
  • this is the 10th time I’ve seen the jacaranda trees bloom at Caltech. I think that’s enough. #
  • going to bed with Karl Popper and Michelle. #
  • fertlizing cucumbers and tomatoes #
  • Turned some compost, had some sex, need some coffee. #
  • popcorn popped in chili oil is extremely tasty. #
  • “The” rat has officially become “a” rat. As in, one of “the rats”. This is war. #
  • escuchando a cabeza radio #
  • What will cities be for in 50 years? I say conviviality, and the efficient utilization of material goods: #

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