This week in tweets

  • Maybe I should have gone to grad school with Peter Ward? #
  • Dealing with a bunch of paperwork. At least half of it doesn’t actually involve any cellulose. #
  • Adopting a 5 year old would kind of be like hiring a live-in nanny… a really, really cheap nanny. #
  • Why not adopt a person you actually know and like, instead of a random individual? #
  • In the time it took 150 people to die of swine flu, 65,000 died of TB. Yikes. #
  • This kind of thing makes me wish I could read Arabic, Russian, and Chinese too: #
  • Wow. Richard Rhodes actually wrote me back. #
  • Need to get milk for coffee. Early morning. #
  • Even TSA is annoyed by the arbitrary and ever novel regulations. #
  • On the ground in sf. Need coffee. Ugh. #
  • Found sir karl at green apple. I love used bookstores. #
  • roasted chicken a la Mendiratta, chardonnay and cassis, salad, chocolate-prune-coffee cake. #
  • Just to show off, today I’m going to be a pedestrian. #
  • could you write a wholly new play by copying lines from Shakespeare’s complete works? My analogy for synthetic biology: #
  • computationally enabling the elderly is a labor of love. #
  • Walking back to sally’s from fort mason #
  • Certainly after correcting for age, Sally creamed me in our walk today. We maybe tied without the normalization… #
  • Getting a swing lesson with wine #
  • Playing dress up… uh, I mean, dressing up. For a wedding. #
  • had fun dressing up, but boy was it hot. Liked Renny’s aussie fam, especially Annie and Peter. Need to visit London. #
  • whew, hard morning of personal computation… #
  • The smell of subways reminds me of living in st petersburg #
  • Just now getting on the plane. Hope I make the last gold line train. Ha, that rhymes! #
  • Once again stranded by los angeles and its strange ideas about public transportation. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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