This week in tweets

  • City of Pasadena bicycle survey is up (English and Español) and ready for your input. It’s very short, 5 minutes max: #
  • is smoothing with weighty functions. #
  • “Almost everything in this room is in a landfill and just doesn’t know it yet” @AlexSteffen #
  • just sent in payment for a year’s worth of rack space @cernio. Hopefully the last time I ever have to think about hardware. #
  • After two (dollar weighted) years of investing my portfolio is worth exactly 1/3 less than I invested. Not so bad, given the circumstances. #
  • secure in the knowledge that I have cumulatively spent years enjoying voluntary homelessness. #
  • The holes in my woolens are a feature (and a bug): #
  • I’ll miss all the great little ethnic grocery stores someday. #
  • mysterious and horrible computer hangs… thankfully on somebody else’s machine. #
  • scheming as to what citrus I will juice next… #
  • eating homemade tabbouleh and hummus, with bulgarian feta and kalamata olives in a whole wheat pita. #
  • heading to Lucky Baldwin’s to talk about Mars. Or something. #
  • To the phone company: keep your ad filled slab of cellulose to yourself! #
  • Making toast and coffee #
  • prisoner, monk and soldier. maiden, mother and crone. #
  • annoyed that the Pasadena district 7 runoff is between two pro-traffic candidates. Businessman v. police chief? I probably won’t vote. #
  • home alone, what to do for the evening? #
  • is going to start assuming NREL is not interested as of tonight. #
  • incredibly, we only used 5.34 kWh/day on average over the last two months. Down 50% from last year. But what did we do differently? #
  • I think I finally understand why James Honaker and Eric Dickson changed their majors from physics to political science: #
  • packing up for a weekend citrus raid. Consensual, of course. #
  • Got backed into by a careless driver. Lost it. Smashed his spoiler with my fist. #
  • definitely not getting scurvy this week. #
  • definitely not getting scurvy this week, despite my mutation. #
  • misses sleeping with someone who gets up and makes coffee when I feel like a log in the morning… #
  • Heading over to michelle’s place for grapefruit #
  • anybody else in Pasadena have citrus they aren’t using? I’ll split the juice with you 50/50 if you let me pick and sqeeze… #

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A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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