This week in tweets

  • befuddled by this gray sky. #
  • Adam Schiff is at risk of supporting HR801, a bad law prohibiting open access requirements for publicly funded research #
  • decided not to virtualize the ideotrope hardware yet. Planning migration to WordPress MU + BuddyPress, hosted Gmail… and NextGen Gallery? #
  • attempting to make a tasty breakfast mush out of spent brewing grains. #
  • I just voted! And then accidentally disenfranchised Michelle by signing the wrong absentee ballot envelope. #
  • it’s so sad that the coffee doesn’t work on me any more. Maybe I should have given it up for Lent (to enable an Easter espresso binge!) #
  • Hmm, what rhymes with ‘theses’… Coincidence? #
  • is singing bye, bye breeden. #
  • Morning. Always with the morning. #
  • Hoping someday to become an ex-PhD. #
  • reducing the frequencies of all kinds of digital notifications (FB, Twitter, e-mail, etc) #
  • Happiness may not be a warm gun, but I don’t know if it’s a PhD either. #
  • I love translucent young peas climbing into the morning sun after a rain. #
  • It would be so nice if hReview and the other @microformats were just baked right into @wordpress *sigh* #
  • Finished The World Without Us, now onto Robert Axelrod’s The Evolution of Cooperation. #
  • I love how all the stories about financial prognostication take the form of “So-and-so *sees* such-and-such”, like they have a crystal ball. #
  • nice, retaliatory, forgiving, and clear. #
  • stupid off-by-one errors. #
  • I wish CA would abolish marriage as a legal institution altogether and just let everyone sign whatever contracts they feel appropriate. #
  • streaming NASA TV of the Kepler Launch onto the big screen at home. #
  • Riding to downtown LA for the bicycle summit! #
  • LA Bike Summit was probably a success, given that I now have twinges of guilt over my plans to abandon SoCal as soon as humanly possible. #
  • climbing into bed with a cuddly redhead… #
  • Time for shower and a shave… that time change really screws with the concept of “morning”. #
  • Mmm. Homemade bread for breakfast… at 12:39pm (but it’s really 11:39pm, so it’s okay!) #
  • nervously awaiting the resurrection of my server @cernio #
  • Is thankful that the server move went well. #
  • Ahh, beer and taxes. #
  • does not have any Ottoman Empire Settlement Payments to report on my tax return, but thanks for asking anyway California. #
  • poverty based tax evasion was fairly successful. Made $20k, paid $1100 (fed) + $500 (state), for an 8% personal income tax rate overall. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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