Snowshoeing to Boreas Pass

Two carloads worth of us headed up to Boreas Pass outside of Breckenridge, CO on New Years Day, for a mellow ski/snowshoe in to the Section House hut, about 6 miles in on an old mining railroad grade.  Along for the ride were Kamile Dilmurat, Trevor Stone, Stephen Hill, Michelle Selvans, Zane Selvans, Mike Stempel, Susan Stempel, Paul Stempel, and Megan Fluckiger.  We had some ominous but ultimately calm weather on the way in, and a gorgeous sunny day on the way out, with blustery wind all night long.  Kamile didn’t really sleep the night before, and had never been on such a trip, so she was pretty zonked.  Michelle was still getting over her winter break bug, whatever it was, and got kind of sick on the way out.  But other than that, I think everyone had a good time.  I’d definitely like to do more hut trips… with more snow, and a working knowledge of skiing!

The photos in the slideshow are a compilation from the cameras of Stephen, Trevor, and Zane, blatantly pirated for display here.