The PhD factory

Nature notes that the world is producing more PHDs than ever before.  And asks it time to stop?  Graduate education isn’t like a pyramid scheme, it is a pyramid scheme.  And like all such schemes, it will eventually end in ruin for most of the participants.  Something has to change.  Why not sooner, and pro-actively, rather than later and in shambles?


The economy wants me to be evil or useless

I’ve been encouraged to apply for this job at UCAR in the research applications group.  It would involve managing real-time meteorological data for the FAA.  Ingest.  Re-organize.  Excrete.  Databases and GIS.  Systems integration.  Source control.  I’m probably qualified for it.  It would probably pay well.  It would be a ten minute bike ride from downtown, with good healthcare and retirement benefits.  Except.  But.  However.