Hike and Bike at Karl’s House

I tagged along with Kira to go visit Karl and his awesome house up Wagonwheel Gap Road off of Lee Hill. We went for a hike and cooked dinner together. It was pretty awesome. The Bike Culture meetup is there in June. Should be fun!

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By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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I don’t know him, but tell him I’m moving in! His place looks amazing. I want ducks, they make such a beautiful background quacking (except for the muscovies I’m told are silent, so maybe I could actually have them in my backyard).

Well, he *is* looking for car-free female housemates! It’s a pretty cool house. I’d really like to see people working on scaling that kind of thing up to towns and cities though. He has an electric-assist bike that he uses to get into and out of Boulder most of the time, but pretty much anyone else who lived out that far would drive.

Excellent photos! Thanks for sharing Zane!

‘Slight correction regarding housemates: I believe that it’d be a great house for 3 humans, at least one of which needs to be female, IMO, else it devolves into a “guy’s pad”… ‘tried it a couple of times that way already and it’s just not to my liking. I’m looking for something with more of a communal / family feel to it.

We might be able to do 4 humans here, but i’m pretty sure we’d need to be quite conservative with water at that rate. ‘Could maybe ease into that sort of scenario, by starting & running with 3 for a while. ‘Would love to find a couple to move in, as then we’d have the 3.

I have an ad on the Boulder Craigslist under “rooms & shares”, with title “Eco-conscious”. ‘Also, until such time as i have a couple solid housemates to share the joy & chores with, i’m also seeking short-term folks ala “BB&B” (Bicyclist’s Bed & Breakfast) under Craigs’ “vacation rentals” section. That one’s titled “EcoBBB”. I refresh those every couple of days, else i’d link ’em here. ‘Can search-em up on Craigs’. Kira and her mom were my first couple of B&B guests last Fall.

If someone isn’t completely car~free, that’s OK… i’m not 100% (yet)…

However, i do find that an e-bike really facilitates a much more car~free existence. ‘Can pile saddle bags or a trailer full of stuff, and not hardly have to break a sweat getting home. I’d share the one with ‘mates, except that i’ve already got the seatpost jammed as low as it will go, so it won’t fit smaller folks. That’s an upright, old, heavy mountain bike, with a front hub motor. ‘Also have a hub motor on the front of a recumbent. Adjusting much for leg length there requires removing/adding chain links, so that’s non-optimal as well. Once, i hauled ~50 lbs of chicken feed back from Lyons, pulling it the trailer behind the recumbent. ‘Almost kept pace with the lycra-clad.

‘Psyched about a tandem frame that i just bought recently at a garage sale. ‘Going to put a motor on it, but use a “mid-drive” arrangement so that the motor can work through the drive train of the bike. That would greatly improve performance -vs- a hub motor. Hoping to set that bike up similarly to how Chuck at Pete’s Electric Bikes did, sortof making like an “XtraCycle” cargo bike. His was more or less permanently set up that way, but i’m going to see if i can’t do it so that it’s readily convertible between being a utility bike for one, and a tandem for two. That bike will have lots of adjustability, and would likely accommodate a wider range of body sizes.

‘Gotta admire guys like Rich Points at CC who can live life with just one bike.

And yes, Michelle… the soft quack of (particularly) male mallards is sooo wonderful.

I’m really psyched to host the June potluck… ‘always wanted to have a big party where everyone arrived by bicycle! Come one, come all! I’ll make sure the kegs have gas this time.


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