Tweets for the week of 2011-01-09

  • Is it just me, or are Boulder's new building energy efficiency standards a little bit passive aggressive? #
  • I love that Boulder has a Winter Bike to Work Day in January. Hopefully I'll have some awesome Winter Work to Bike to! #
  • Got a big pot of mean green Thai curry on the stove. Now if only there was someone to share it with. #
  • Yowza… 32 hours awake + mug of mulled cider + monolake/gobi the desert == sleeepytime. #
  • Listening to a librarian trying to explain eBook DRM arcana to a senior citizen with an eReader. Talk about torture. #
  • Thoughts on "Toward a Zero Energy Home" which I just read. Probably overly critical. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood: #
  • Holy crap. Is this for real? Did we seriously just have a political assassination in Arizona? @Rep_Giffords #
  • Thank you to @amac for resisting subpoenas of Twitter user data as permitted by law. Now if only telcos would do the same. #cablegate #

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A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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