Tweets for the week of 2010-08-15

  • Had a successful first hosting of someone from 1 request per day is too many though. I need a more focused profile. #
  • I wonder if I know anybody in Boulder who would enjoy a day of thrift store shopping… #
  • Joined @egocarshare saw Body Worlds in Denver w/ @somer_andom did some thrift store shopping and babysitting. Sweet day. #
  • Sweet! I've got tix for da Bike Film Fest Sep. 9-11: to be preceded by New Belgium's Tour de Fat: #
  • If you know it, tell me your address on the Playa. I'll be near the Pink Mammoth at 8:30 & G w/ a bunch of other Ultramontane Lotophagi… #
  • Avoided fainting, but only just. Why does the loss and sight of such a tiny amount of blood feel so much? #
  • Who would like to go on a midnight bike ride to a dark place for the Perseids? Left to my own devices… Brainard? Other places also good! #
  • Mkay, how can I resist an underwear themed bike ride… @happythursday #
  • And the first stop: boulder 303, a vodka distillery. Good lord. #
  • Ride has coagulated out by CU research park. I'm heading for the hills and aiming for the stars. #happythursday #
  • Okay okay, Flagstaff/Walker Ranch, not Brainard. #perseids #
  • Visceral, wholesome transcendental pleasure of falling asleep under an ecstatic naked sky with your lover. #
  • To all the generations of Egyptians, Greeks and Romans that turned Cucumis melo from a bitter desert gourd into the cantaloupe: Thank You! #
  • Heading up to the Pierre Lakes and Capitol Peak near Carbondale for the weekend for some alpine sky. Should be back in Boulder late Sunday. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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