Tweets for the week of 2010-05-29

  • Someone finally called the cops on us dumpster diving. Thankfully I'd be happy to explain this criminal activity to a future employer. #
  • There's nothing like looking at housing in San Francisco to make Boulder (and just about anywhere else) look cheap cheap cheap! #
  • I took my head to Boulder last night, and it felt great. #
  • To acquire something is to one day discard something. Thank goodness for Craigslist, compost, and eBay. Oh minimalism how I've missed you. #
  • Am I moving back to Boulder? Am I wandering, or lost? #
  • Continuing my Rincon Red Box reconnaissance. Hopefully the road isn't washed out in the burn area! #
  • Spent 11 hours in the clouds. They're colder and wetter in person than in the movies. Need warm shower. Foods. #
  • Staging a Boulder comeback, to recover from my 2nd Pasadena comeback. I feel like I have an abusive relationship with Caltech sometimes. #
  • The scent of love lost yields instant tears. Why are olfactory memories so strong? #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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