Tweets for the week of 2010-05-16

  • Sometimes I wonder if Caltech's therapists wish they'd taken more math and physics… just to understand the analogies we end up making. #
  • Reveled in some of the season's last goosebumps with the cool breeze at the top of Chantry Flats fire road. #
  • Women of Earth: please figure out what you want in your romantic relationships and demand it early and often, for we are easily confused. #
  • Listening to Yo La Tengo clearly not helping anything. Must need bike ride. To be followed by a more different bike ride. #
  • Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations: If the flux of soil downhill > long term rate of soil production, we're screwed: #
  • Somewhat desperately trying to recapture the joy of not knowing what the hell is going on. #
  • Anyone want to do an 80 km Monrovia Canyon, Rincon Red Box, Mt. Wilson Toll Rd. overnight loop? #
  • Beautiful S24O above Chantry. Sparkling city, then glowing below the fog, blanketed with cottony white at dawn. But so lonely. #
  • Que de hauts que de basC'est la vie dans ce monde
    Triste réalité #
  • Thoughts on Nils Gilman's Deviant Globalization via @longnow. When corporations write the law, all markets become gray: #

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A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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