Tweets for the week of 2010-03-20

  • Utah weather was not cooperative. Missed my bicycle more than the Internet. Turns out some of the world's best information is in books. 🙂 #
  • Looking forward to bike/ped friendly NYC transpo kmish Janette Sadik-Khan's talk at Oxy Thursday night. Wanna come? #
  • US DoT sez "Consider walking and bicycling as equals with other transpo". Then how bout $ proportional to modeshare? #
  • Misread @flyingpigeonla hours, biked down to pick up an order and found them closed. *sigh* #
  • I totally feel like blowing the whole world off at this point. #
  • Sagan is dead! Long live Sagan! #
  • Used the back-end of a clothespin instead of a $23 pair of retaining ring installation pliers. #iloveopposablethumbs #
  • Panning around Google Earth at high zoom cannot possibly be the best way to find the Tijuana bus station. #
  • Ugh. @LAStreetSummit is feeling a little bit too much like a scientific conference. #
  • Lack of open WiFi at @LAStreetSummit is going to make my workshop on crowd-sourced mapping…. uh, challenging. #
  • My @LAStreetSummit talk could have been smoother. Listening to @lacbc talk about 1st LA bike counts, then on to Don Shoup/parking cash-out. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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