Tweets for the week of 2010-01-31

  • New sesame orange garlic habaƱero chicken and tofu recipe was great. I was wondering how we'd finish off that gallon of marmalade. #
  • Did my first training ride for Barrancas del Cobre, up into the snow-capped (!) San Gabriel Mountains. #
  • Heading down to Caltrans to present on Wearing my safety-orange shirt, so they'll think I'm one of them. #
  • Think my talk at Caltrans went well. Got to ride 60km too! Visited Flying Pigeon LA, went climbing w/ @michelleselvans. A great day! #
  • Soggy and cold, but feeling good about my role in the universe. This coffee will make it ever more better! #
  • Enough database futzing. Need to guzzle this tea and fall asleep. #
  • Okay okay, mebbe I call you back, now I busy. Yah yah, mebbe I fix. Okay. *click* #
  • I didn't go away from religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of Port would do that. #
  • Let the cavalcade of rent increases begin! At what price I will go homeless instead? Or will they spend the $50k to bring us up to code? #
  • Biking up to the Chantry Flats helipad is *definitely* better on a weekday. #
  • My cute cute black bike has brakes! Now it's totally a velocipede. Retirement present to self. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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