Tweets for the week of December 21st, 2009

  • Finished the (long) eligibility questionnaire for George Church's Personal Genome Project. Gattaca, here we come. #
  • Revising AGU poster. Hoping there's some lemon merangue left. I wonder if Obama read HST's "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972"? #
  • Went to Richard Alley's (of the 2 mile time machine) talk at #AGU09. He speaks like he writes. Would be a fun guy to take a class from. #
  • If you tell the other players you've got an ace up your sleeve, and they keep playing, is it still cheating? #
  • Thai takeout from Chile Lime and Garlic for our beer swilling slumber party in downtown SF. #AGU09 #
  • Got Sally's wireless internet connection set up. Glad the modem arrived before I left. #
  • During this visit for the first time SF has felt comfortable and accessible to me, not confining and frenetic. I wonder what changed? #
  • Glad I got the time of my flight back to Denver wrong in the right direction. Automatic timezone adjustment be damned. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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