Tweets for the week of December 6th, 2009

  • I am reminded of Plutarch's dialog between Pyrrhus and Cineas on the eve of their invasion of Italy. #
  • Is it me, or did the Google Toolbar just get real uppity? #
  • Cormac McCarty joined the Santa Fe Institute at the invitation of Murray Gell-Mann. Who would have guessed? #
  • Full moon light on fresh fallen snow. #
  • I'm gonna go waaay out on a limb here and bet that my dissertation gets rejected for some kind of formatting minutia. #
  • Grad school sez: "Your submission is complete". #
  • Alas, submission does not actually appear to be complete. #
  • In theory, I could be stoned out of my gourd on mescaline from now to Dec. 18th, and still get a PhD. But I should ask my attorney, Raoul. #
  • It would be great if every time the government wanted to have a war, it had to levy a special transparently itemized tax to pay for it. #
  • Currently hating my phone. iSync Plugins from Nova Media is borken. So now I have no contacts. Great. And I *paid* for this software. #
  • Somebody should start a customer owned health insurance company, modeled after Vanguard's ownership structure. #
  • I am weak and foolish. Having lost all the contacts in my phone, I am lusting with no real justification for an iPhone or a Droid. #
  • I'm older than I've ever been. And now I'm even older. Let the catharsis begin: #
  • Looking forward to a few more days of the swirling crystalline white stuff. #
  • Once again, disappointed by AT&T. No iPhone upgrade for me. #
  • Registered for a climate change science/media communication workshop at #AGU09 w/ Matt Nisbet: #
  • Somehow @gregmortenson ( manages to educate 22,000 students each year for the annual cost of 5 US soldiers in Afghanistan. #
  • in SF 12/11-12/20 for #AGU09. I could probably linger for a month and not see everyone I know, so call/email if you want to hang out. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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