Tweets for the week of October 25th, 2009

  • Harvard just paid $500M to get out of an interest rate swap. I wonder how Caltech's parking structure CEFA bond swaps are doing. #
  • Pi Time! #
  • Starting to write up the chapter on geographic superposition networks. Should have lots of pretty plots. #
  • Lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy Zane, he wants a drink of coffee, so he waits and waits and waits and waits and waits for it to rain. #
  • Am I really going to be done in a month? The idea seems almost surreal. #
  • I'll probably never really get used to snow. That's okay though. It's more fun for it always to seem like magic. #
  • Sometimes de-bugging seems to turn into re-bugging. #
  • Sliding forward in time, I'm phase shifted by pi. #
  • The lights and the computer and I (~350W total) can keep this basement room plenty warm, just about until it starts snowing outside. #
  • somehow I imagine that getting old, mentally, will feel a lot like staying up for too long. #
  • I'm going to reward myself for all this hard work by getting the mail and going to the bathroom. Ahh, luxury. #
  • 21 hrs up, 2 hrs down, 4 hrs up, 6 hrs down. Six lousy hours? That's all I can muster? Are you kidding?!? #
  • Texas emits more CO2 than all of sub-Saharan Africa combined. #
  • Apparently in Denmark "going postal" has a slightly different meaning… #
  • You're not wrong Walter, you're just an asshole. #
  • Running lineament statistics. Making coffee. Wearing a silly hat. Wishing my redheaded niece a happy birthday. #
  • Holy crap, I made something that actually looks Gaussian. Best. Distribution. Evar. #
  • OMFG, I have conclusive support of NSR from the GSNs. #
  • Colorado Bohemian Foundation is matching donations to the Central Asia Institute up to $500k #
  • Being emotionally bound to the outcome of a research problem is much simpler than being attached to people. It's also really lame. #

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