Tweets for the week of 2009-07-20

  • The mildly depressed make more accurate assessments. #
  • Sadly, my camera seems to have either been lost or stolen. #
  • I had no idea I was supposed to talk to Caltrans about this morning! Gah! #
  • Good day+night of paper/thesis writing. It's like a story (well… kinda). Now time for a sleep inducing beer, blindfold, and earplugs. #
  • If I don't find my lost/stolen camera in the next couple of weeks… suggestions? Thinking a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3: #
  • That wasn't quite enough sleep. Or quite enough tea. How to tell which? #
  • Europa TPW/NSR paper at 55 pages double spaced, including figs. Time for the sustainability symposium. This week's topic is @wattzon #
  • Will remember 2009 as the first year we actually got the tomatoes to work. So many we have to give some away. #
  • Do you know where your Pareto frontier is in Salary-Vacation space? #
  • How did I spend all day writing, but only go from 55 to 57 pages? I guess that's what editing does. #
  • Publisher got Amazon to forcibly delete their legally purchased e-books from all Kindles. What book? 1984. Double plus ungood irony. #
  • I ordered a new camera, and the lost camera mysteriously reappeared within minutes. Weird B&H Photo conspiracy? Except it's the sabbath. #
  • Writing conclusions. Who could have guessed there were so many ways to generate the same observations? #
  • 83 days until I have to submit my thesis. Ugh. #

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A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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