This week in tweets

  • is going to submit his thesis before heading into The Maze. #
  • Ahh, the first bite of the first peach. Summer in California isn’t all bad. #
  • Dubugging. #
  • Long overdue photo uploads… #
  • Oh crystal ball, what paleopole maximizes the amplitude of the apparent NSR induced lineament formation history? #
  • Reply hazy, try again. #
  • turning the moon upside down #
  • jjjkkk?tile(dwi Ha ha, that’s what vi command-mode looks like with the wrong application selected… Is this too nerdy to be funny? #
  • Hmm. My front page makes me look like some kind of burgeoning eco-terrorist, or an intelligence analyst. (or both…) #
  • homeward to scrounge dinner, read about nuclear power, and drink a bit of scotch ale, while the lappy calculates. #
  • Coffee just isn’t what it used to be. #
  • I wish the Red Cross would take my blood. Maybe I should get a new SSN. #
  • Maybe instead of having kids, we should just periodically host exchange students. #
  • I challenge you to an energy duel! #wattzon #
  • How inevitable is the development of synthetic biology, and who will develop it? Do we even get to decide? #
  • Now slower and with more bugs! (vegetables, not code) #
  • Tix for O’Reilly #ETech & #SXSW 2010 (and others) on auction to support here: #
  • I forget how much work I’ve done until I go and try to write it up. #
  • I just discovered a wonderful tree to nap and eat lunch under! #
  • Hopefully Miss California won’t have to return her free boob-job for allowing a pre-implant topless photo to surface on the internet. #
  • If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. #
  • From now on I’m only going to read Google news in languages other than English. #
  • Biked up and slept out under the full moon on a fire road in the San Gabes last night. Got checked out by a fox. Hooted at an owl. #
  • In 50 years, what are we going to think cities are for? #
  • Every time I go out I am reminded of why I never go out. #

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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