Sketch of a Future Home

I pinged Norris Minnick and the Buyer Brokers of Boulder last week. Curious to know whether what we’re thinking of exists, and whether it’s economically possible.  And to get the desires written down. I don’t know how far in advance one ought to start looking, but I suspect it’s like getting a job and getting pregnant: don’t start trying unless you want it now.

Boulder has so far been able to avoid most of the recent boom, and most of the recent bust. The enforced geographic constraints on development and the relative affluence and desirability of the area probably help. This makes me suspect that getting a low interest rate is probably more important than trying to let the market “bottom”… who knows what it’s going to do. Modest living seems like the best insurance.

  • Preferably condo/townhouse
  • Roughly 500-1000 square feet
  • Preferably 2 bed/2 bath, but the right 1 bed/1 bath would be acceptable.  No studio/efficiency (one room).
  • Open floorplan required – all non-bed/bathroom space in one large room would be great.
  • We like to cook: kitchen must be socially connected to the living space, plenty of counter space, prefer gas range.
  • Prefer lots of natural light
  • Prefer no fireplace
  • We like sleeping lofts
  • Prefer wooden and tile flooring (not carpet, or if carpet, berber-style non-shag)
  • Near downtown, or very close to one of the bike paths.
  • Preferably west of Hwy 36, south of Iris and north of Table Mesa.
  • Parking:
    • we do not own a car, and do not intend to
    • an outdoor or shared garage parking space is thus worthless to us, and we’d prefer not to pay for the real estate dedicated to it
    • a secure garage of our own would be okay, and could be used as storage, but would add cost, and we don’t need it.
    • preferably, we would buy a place with unbundled parking – where buying parking is a separate transaction from buying the residence
    • an eco-pass bundled with the property would be sweet, as would secure, sheltered bike parking.
  • Priority on energy efficiency, including but not limited to:
    • passive temperature regulation
    • south facing, high quality windows
    • insulation beyond code requirements
    • very tight building envelope
    • energy and water efficient appliances
    • solar domestic hot water
    • solar photovoltaics
    • plentiful operable windows for cross-ventilation
    • summer shading by trees

Is this compatible with $50k down and a combined $100k/year?  Seems like it should be.

By Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

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That sounds doable to me – any demands for space to garden in? Or will you seek out community garden space? Sigh…it sure would be nice to have Boulder's sun for solar heat/pv.

"Demands" might be a little strong. It would be nice though of course! My sister actually suggested this too. I suspect I'd never really pay enough attention to a community garden plot. If I ever do my own sustainable condo development though, I would certainly have garden/compost space, edible landscaping, and a small grove of fruit trees, one hammock-length apart from each other!

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